Women’s Attire

Create garments that
fit your body perfectly

In today’s fast-paced, stressful world, only a few things are genuinely uplifting. Wearing clothes that fit perfectly lets you experience that life-affirming bespoke feel, day after day. 


When mass-produced clothing first arrived on the scene, manufacturers did not intend on creating garments that would replace made-to-measure items. Instead, they viewed their products as complementary: cheap everyday wear that people could throw on when working in the factory or on the farm. 


Today, however, we’ve almost forgotten the many benefits of tailoring and making clothes from scratch. Sadly, tailored garments are now considered the preserve of fashion models and the wealthy, not something that all women can enjoy. 


The apparel industry has gone too far in the direction of mass production and focused too much on lowering prices. It has gone too little in the direction of bespoke items made to fit individual bodies.


This set of priorities means that many women feel uncomfortable in the clothes that they wear. Often they are too long, too short, too tight, or too loose for their body shapes. They are not always flattering. Tailoring provides a solution. You no longer have to accept clothes straight off the rack. You can adjust them to fit your body shape with just a few simple measurements and stitches.

Your Garments

Women’s attire is at its best when it is made-to-measure. While designer clothing seems to fit fashion models, the looks that they achieve is always out of reach for women who purchase garments from stores. Generic clothes can never fit as well as tailored. Our mission at Vintage Tailors is to provide you with the same beautiful fit using your unique measurements. 


Instead of starting from scratch, designing new items from the raw fabric, we adjust the garments you bring to us, making the necessary adjustments so that they will fit you, and only you. As a women’s tailor, we give you options. With us, you can make adjustments to a wide variety of different garments, from work clothes to wedding dresses. No matter where you need to be or outfits you need to wear, Vintage Tailors ensures that you always look your best.

Women’s Suits

If you want to look great for a business occasion, our made-to-measure suits are a perfect choice. We work closely with your style and preferred fabrics, creating beautiful items that will help you feel more confident and give you an edge.


Our tailored suits for women come with a plethora of personalization options and accessories. With us, you can design an outfit that is unique to you. Every cut of materials fits the contours of your body, providing you with a suit-wearing experience on a level that you have never experienced before. No matter what the event, you’ll be ready. 


There’s nothing worse, in our opinion than feeling as if you’re wearing somebody else’s suit. But when you buy a suit from a store, that’s what happens. Manufacturers create their garments for the average woman, not you. Store-bought clothing, therefore, looks and feels good on only a small selection of women – the lucky few who happen to have near-average measurements. 


An ill-fitting suit can negatively affect your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable. That is a problem because it is something that you regularly wear, not every few months, like a dress. Using our bespoke processes, we take measurements and then create suits to match, enhancing every aspect of your sartorial experience. With us, you can either make alterations to an existing outfit to help it fit better, or choose fabrics and get us to construct a bespoke suit from scratch.

Clothing Alterations

Mass-produced clothing is ubiquitous. Today, it is almost impossible to find anyone willing to create a garment from scratch that conforms to the unique measurements of your body. What’s more, sometimes you don’t want custom-made clothing. Often, you just want to be able to wear an item as it comes off the shelf because you like the style or design. 


Alterations are ideal when you invest in a premium garment. You want to make sure that your wedding dress, suits, and dinner outfits all flow perfectly over your body, without annoying folds, bulges, or anything else. 


Women’s clothing alterations take a wide variety of forms. Vintage Tailors lets you change the shape of your fabric in a host of ways, from adjusting the shoulder width to changing the length and circumference. With master tailors, you can take any apparel, no matter how complex, and restyle it to fit your body.


Made-to-measure clothing is ideal for when you want to feel comfortable, confident, and create a great impression. It is crucial, though, to choose master tailors, especially when you are handing over expensive garments. You need to have complete trust in those who will make modifications to your clothing, ensuring that you achieve a result of which you can be proud. 


Not all women’s tailors are the same. At Vintage Tailors, we’ve always had a keen eye for the discerning client, which is why we have developed a range of tailoring options to match. We’re equipped to make alterations to practically any garment, whether cotton, silk, leather, suede, or synthetic fabrics. You finished clothes will look the same, if not better, than how they looked when they emerged from the factory.


For women, we offer a range of fast-turnaround services that allow you to get tailored garments in as little as a couple of days. If you need a tailored garment faster, then speak with us today to find out how we can help. 


Our master tailors help you achieve the look that you have always wanted and create something unique to your body shape. With our services, you can finally experience the joy of tailored clothing and leave mass-produced items for when you exercise or want to relax at the weekend. Our women’s attire options let you look your best.

Alterations From Vintage Tailors

At Vintage Tailors, we have over thirty years of experience, making alterations to garments of exceptional quality. We use our expertise to radically transform your clothes so that they fit perfectly.

Get in touch with us today to book an appointment and make the most of your clothing.

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