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A Dress That
Fits Perfect

Even the most expensive dress or gown can look wrong if it doesn’t fit properly. That’s why custom fits and alterations are so important. With a few small changes, we can ensure that your outfits fit perfectly and you feel comfortable in them. Finding expert tailors to make alterations to your outfits is so important if you want to make sure that the shape and integrity of the original garment are kept intact when alterations are made. Our expert team will treat your garments with the utmost care and attention, and make the right alterations so they fit perfectly and you feel amazing when you wear them. 


Making alterations to old clothing that no longer fits is also a good way to get more use out of garments. This is especially useful if you have expensive clothing that you no longer wear because your body shape has changed. 


We offer alterations for a wide range of different garments including evening dresses, prom dresses, pageant dresses, competition dresses, and dance outfits.

Evening And
Prom Dresses

Whether you are a high school senior about to attend your prom or an adult attending a black tie function, you will need an evening or prom dress. It’s important that you find the right dress for the occasion, but it is likely that some alterations will need to be made. There are certain challenges when altering evening wear because they are often very elaborate dresses that are embellished with lace or sequins. Corseted dresses can also be difficult to alter as well. That is why it is so important that you find an alteration service with the experience and knowledge to work on your evening or prom dress. 


These are important events that you are attending and you want to feel your best. Our expert custom fit and alteration services can make any changes that your dress needs in order to make sure that looks as good as it possibly can and you are comfortable. Instead of worrying about your dress, you can enjoy your special evening.


If you are taking part in pageants, it’s absolutely vital that you look your best. Even the most expensive dress can let you down if it does not fit you properly. It could hurt your chances of winning the competition, which is such a shame when there is such an easy fix. Pageants may also require some costume changes, and if your dress does not fit properly, that can make fast costume changes difficult. 


If you want to improve your chances of placing well in pageants, we can alter your dress to make sure that it looks as good as it possibly can and you are comfortable throughout the competition. 


We can perform simple alterations like shortening the hem on your dress. This is often necessary because dressmakers tend to add a little extra length to account for taller people. The hem will be unpicked, taken up, and restitched so it can be reversed in the future if it needs to be. If you are shortening the hem, you may also need to shorten the shoulder straps slightly. 


Adjusting the dress around the hips and waist may be useful too. Everybody has a different shape so dressmakers use a basic shape that is not likely to fit you exactly. A few simple alterations here can make a big difference to the way that the dress fits. 


If you would like changes made to the style of the dress, like adding or taking away material at the back, or changing the shape of the neckline, that is possible as well.


When taking part in events like cheerleading competitions or gymnastics tournaments, your outfit is so important. If it is ill fitting, this can restrict your range of movement and loose fitting clothing can slow you down. When you are engaging in a lot of high energy activity, these small issues with your clothing can make a massive difference to your performance. 


Where cheerleading competitions are concerned, the way that the outfit looks is important. We can work with you to alter your outfit so it looks amazing and it is functional at the same time. 


We have the expertise to make alterations to these kinds of specialist outfits. We can ensure that you look your best and most importantly, that you have the range of motion that you need to perform well in competitions. In some cases, it may be beneficial to change the shape of your outfits so that it fits your body shape more effectively and we can offer that service as well.


Dance outfits, much like cheerleading or gymnastics outfits, need to provide a good range of motion. Dance groups also wear themed outfits that fit with their routine, so it’s important to find a balance between the visual aspect of the outfit and the practical one. It is always important that all members of the group match and wear the outfit in the same way. When having outfits made, it is likely that they will all be standard sizes and fit each member of the group in a different way. 


Comfort is vital during a dance event as well. If garments are too tight fitting or there are certain areas that are not very breathable, that can have a big impact on your performance. We can work with you to take out certain areas so they are not uncomfortable and potentially change certain fabrics to make them more breathable. 


We can give you a custom fitting session as a group and make adjustments to the fit of the outfit. If necessary, we can alter the style and remove elements of the outfit that restrict your range of movement. 


There are a lot of budget alteration services out there that will be able to make changes to your outfits, but our service offers a level of quality that they cannot. When you are altering expensive dresses and outfits that you will be wearing to important social occasions or competitions, you can’t take any chances. 


If you take your garments to somebody that does not have the specialist knowledge that we do, there is a chance that they may be damaged. The quality of the final product will also be lacking because altering an elaborate ball gown or gymnastics outfit is a complex job that requires the right expertise. 


Poor alteration work will not last very long either. If the quality of stitching is bad, for example, it is likely to come undone. Some alterations will be irreversible, and if the stitching comes undone, there is a chance that the garment will be ruined permanently. That means that you risk ruining a treasured garment because the person making the alterations does not have the right expertise. 


In some cases, alterations need to be made permanent but, where possible, we will make sure that they are reversible. In future, if your body shape changes, alterations can be reversed and more alterations made. This means that you get more wear out of your expensive garments. 


If you go with us, we can work with you to make the alterations you need, and you can always be sure that the quality will be excellent.

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