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How We’re Put Together

In our fast paced modern day life, few experiences make us feel better about ourselves than wearing properly fitted and accessorized fashionable clothing. The old saying that clothing makes the person lives on today!


Vintage Tailors offers a unique tailoring opportunity for the person who wants to look his or her best.


Vintage Tailors can fit and improve just about any clothing for men, women, and yes, children. Daily business wear, evening dress up, casual or play clothes, special items such as wedding and party dresses, as well as the All American favorite, Jeans.


We’re available to help you with the latest high end creation, to last year’s garment that now needs a little “enlargement.” Nothing is too big or too small.


Our work is Guaranteed. Come see us!

Working Hours

Welcome to Vintage Tailors. Where the art of custom tailoring is kept alive with master tailors. Come visit with us to discuss your tailoring needs. Walk-ins welcome, with appointments available and home and office visits.

Monday - Friday:

10am - 7pm


10am - 6pm



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