Our Process

Our process

simple, straightforward, and timeless

When you want to adjust a valuable garment, you need friendly experts on your side. Vintage Tailors has been in the business of creating beautiful, made-to-measure clothes for men and women for many years, and we can help you too.

Our process is simple, straightforward, and timeless. First, we listen to your needs carefully, taking note of all your requirements. We are a tailor you can trust, responsible for helping countless customers look their best, whether in the office or on their wedding day.

Your Measurements

what needs to be altered

Next, you wear the garment, and we inspect it for fit. We then take measurements and compare them to those of the clothing for which you want the alteration, whether it is a suit, wedding dress, a party dress, or something else. We then explain what you need to alter and why ensuring that you're always kept in the loop.


style and confidence

Next, we make the necessary adjustments to the garment, allowing you to wear it with confidence and style. We, therefore, help you find your fit, using the most flattering cuts for your body type.

With us, you get timeless, classic lines. Our cuts are not trendy or boring but based on tried-and-test methods passed down over the generations. With our years of experience, you can get a great result every time, with quality that will last.

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